Home Insurance

For most people, buying a home will probably be the largest financial investment you will ever make. Any home, no matter how well-built, is vulnerable to fire, water, theft and other disasters. Home insurance is there to protect you from having to pay out a huge amount at once, often at the very worst time emotionally.

Could you possibly afford to replace absolutely everything you own?

Even as a tenant, you may have more to lose than you expect. Tenants' insurance not only covers your personal belongings, it can protect you from financial loss due to your actions as well. If you don’t have insurance and you accidently cause damage to your rented apartment or house (for example, leaving the bathroom tap running), you can be held liable for the cost to repair any resulting damage.

If you are like most people, you will probably never need to submit an insurance claim. Home (or tenant) insurance is peace of mind that you really shouldn’t live without. Contact us for your FREE Home Insurance quote today!
Auto/Motorcycle Insurance
Whenever you get behind the wheel, be it a car, truck, ATV or snowmobile, you run the risk of getting into an accident. In Ontario, there are minimum insurance requirements for any vehicle licenced by the MTO. Give us a call to discuss your options.

In addition to the minimum coverages, you can purchase additional physical damage coverage such as "Collision" which covers partial or fully at fault accidents and "Comprehensive" which covers theft, vandalism and other perils. There are also several other options and endorsements which can be added to your policy, such as rental car coverage and accident forgiveness waivers.

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Commercial Insurance
Commercial insurance can be one of the most important investments a business owner can make. Commercial insurance can vary greatly according to the type of operation and amount of risk the insured would like to assume.

At Rayburn Insurance, our goal is to understand your business and work together to help ensure you have adequate insurance to properly protect yourself in the event of a loss.

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Farm Insurance
Farms can have a significant amount of resources tied up in buildings, equipment, livestock as well as various other items. Any farm, be it a hobby farm or a full scale commercial operation, needs to have adequate insurance protection for all of its various investments.

Many farm policies can be complex and have a wide variety of items insured with several different types of coverage available. At Rayburn Insurance, we will work together with you to provide the appropriate insurance and ongoing advice.

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